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Snaps at Mrs. Mandolin

So, I know I promised on my insta stories a few months ago, that I'd share a few of my favorite food places, recipes and basically all things food, so here goes!

You all know how much I've raved about the moussaka from my favorite little Mediterranean eatery in Miami, Mandolin Aegean Bistro. The owners are a husband and wife duo, Ahmet Erkaya and Anastasia Koutsioukis, who opened this rustic little space in 2009. You will always be welcomed with delicious smells and open arms, when visiting. I promise, I'll write a special little review about this restaurant soon, complete with menu items and interior snaps.

But, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Anastasia opened up another extension, Mrs. Mandolin. It's a petite lifestyle shop and cafe, that serves delicious hummus and koulouri, and other little delectables, that are sure to give your taste buds a treat!

I visited the shop while I was in Miami, photographing, and stopped in for some tea and treats. Here are some of the snaps I took at Mrs. Mandolin...

Lemons! So on brand :-)

If you're in the Design District in Miami, you'll definitely want to add this to your list of places to stop in!!

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