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My Pregnancy Must Haves

I have just about a week left of pregnancy, give or take, because I don’t really know when she’s going to come. A few pregnant mamas reached out to me every now and then, to ask me advice on what I really made good use of during this pregnancy. Well, I thought, why not share a blog about it? Who knows, these might just come in handy for you too.

1. Pregnancy Pillow

Seriously, invest in one. You’re going to be pregnant for over nine months, be nice to your body, splurge if you like. Just. Get. One. I had tried two different pillows, including a plain body pillow, but it really didn’t hug my bump right. If you’ve been pregnant before, you know sleep is hard to come by. So I finally decided to try a Snoogle, and I do agree with their description: it’s the mother of all pregnancy pillows. It offered so much support for my tummy and I could cuddle it just right.

2. Maternity Clothing

I didn’t need maternity clothing until I hit six months of pregnancy. I was prepared to rock the old hair tie on my jeans trick for as long as I could. I eventually stopped lying to myself, and bought two pairs of maternity jeans. The pair featured above are from Motherhood Maternity, that I matched with a cute off-the-shoulder dress, yes you read that right, a dress, which fits me as a top now. I only bought two pairs of jeans, and a pair of leggings, because it’s super easy to mix and match styles. You won’t be pregnant forever, so invest in a good pair or two.

Another maternity clothing item that I swear by is a maternity dress. I splurged a little on the dresses (sorry babe), because I mean, they’re dresses, who doesn’t love dresses?? This dress I wore for my maternity session I found on Amazon, and I basically bought them in every color (sorry again babe). They’re airy, light, and oh so comfy. Another yay factor that got me, was that they’ll come in real handy when I’ll be breastfeeding! Easy access to the milkies for when baby girl gets hungry.

3. Ginger ANYTHING

I suffered with horrible nausea and morning sickness throughout this entire pregnancy (not just the first trimester) and ginger was truly my life saver. I made ginger tea in the mornings, cooked with ginger, and added it to my smoothies. I also heard of ginger gum, ginger drops and other ginger products, but I preferred using the real, raw ginger, and found that it helped me the fastest!

4. Comfy Footwear

I believe pregnancy is all about the comfort. Your body is experiencing so many changes and you’ve gotta adapt to those changes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay a little stylish right? During my first two trimesters, I rocked a pair of white tennis shoes, which was more than enough comfort for me. But towards my third trimester, my feet started expanding and getting puffy. I could not bear the thought of my tennis shoes any longer, and so my sweet mom gifted me this pair of Birkenstocks. I don’t wear much of anything else, just because they’re so. damn. comfortable. They give so much support for my feet and walking in them is an absolute joy.

5. Planner

When you’re pregnant, your brain goes all fuzzy. You’ve got your mind on a million different things, and staying on track can become quite challenging. You don’t “need” a planner, but it definitely came in handy when I needed to stay organized, and plan my days ahead. I actually found this planner, Passion Planner, through Instagram. I adore this planner, because it’s filled with weekly motivational quotes and tools to help you pursue your goals. It encourages me to aim for the top, to plan for my future, and to act on the present.

I also really love filling it up with stickers, like these, from my best friend’s sticker shop, because, look how adorable!! Okay, so I basically just like to play with stickers. No, but really, it all helps in keeping me motivated and on track while dealing with pregnancy brain.

I hope you enjoyed my short, sweet list of pregnancy must haves! If you have any to add to the list, share them with me in the comments below!

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