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Choosing the Right Blog Platform

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I mean, as if picking a blog genre and name aren’t intimidating enough, now you have to figure out which platform to use too? Never fear my blog babies, I’m going to share with you some insight from a few of my own experiences to help you.

I know by the time you get to this point, (having picked your genre, name, AND your domain is available!) you’re just ready to get out there and actually *blog*. What’s this platform nonsense?

I’ve attempted blogging when I was in college, and then again after I graduated, then once more just for fun and now for real, for reals LOL. I’ll help you save some time and skip all the trial and error fun.

QUESTIONS (Rome wasn’t built in a day guys)

Before choosing a blog platform, consider asking yourself some questions: will it be mostly photographs, or will it be heavy on the text side? A little bit of both maybe? There’s a platform for that! Now, is your goal to have a sales driven blog or just for fun? Whether it will be sales driven or just for the whim of it, think of how much money you want to spend on your blog, and if you even want to spend at all! There are platforms for all types. No discrimination here. Lastly, are you au fait and knowledgeable in creating websites? Yes? No? Maybe so?

I fell into the maybe so category after I took *one* intro to web class in college, and felt I was well equipped to tackle the web world. Hence my trial and errors.



Tumblr is considered a microblogging platform and social network, that allows its users to easily post, repost, and like posted content. It’s like Twitter and Instagram had a baby. Tumblr is ideal for short blogging and sharing GIF’s, photos, videos, music, short text and URLs. It’s free and so simple to use. Just sign up and you’re ready to start, blogging and sharing. Seriously, it’s ridiculously easy.

*Ideal for non-tech-savvy 

This version is free and hosts your website/blog for you. It’s designed with the ‘less-tech-proficient’ in mind. Simple sign up, pre-made themes right at the tip of your fingers, and no hosting hassle. It does, however, come with some drawbacks. You are limited with WordPress themes, customizing your blog in detail, plug-ins and you don’t have control over ads displayed on your site. There are some upgrades offered that you can pay for if you want to go the extra mile, like additional storage, a domain name, customization features and AD removal.

*Ideal for non-tech-savvy (you might need to watch a few tutorials, but it’s a simple set up nonetheless)

This version has its expenses, sure, but if you want a versatile, customized-to-a-tee site, then you’ve got to be prepared to break out the brains and the Benjamins. allows users to upload any type of theme, plug-in and you can customize and code to your heart’s content. You have full freedom to sell ad space on your blog, create an online shop and generate some real income. But, along with these perks, come the work. The software itself is entirely free, but you are solely responsible for hosting your site, setting everything up, registering your domain, maintenance, and security; plus, if you’ve got a high traffic site, hosting can become costly. Managing and maintaining every aspect of your website does come with a learning curve, but like I said previously, Rome wasn’t built in a day guys.

*Ideal for businesses, building a powerful brand, and bloggers that want to monetize

Wix (My choice)

Wix is simply put, a beginner's dream! It has such an easy layout, that allows you to place your images wherever you'd like, customize to a T, and lets the user feel like they are total control! It has an amazing interface, that makes it easy for users, and should you run into trouble, they have round the clock support for you my friend. They offer the complete package, domain set up, hosting, CRM management, blogging statistics etc. It's my choice for a website, mainly because of how easy it is to use, the drag and drop is insanely easy, which is what I need, because with a baby, I don't have much time to figure all the coding out!


Ah, SquareSpace. It’s like a beautiful mixed baby of all these platforms. It allows users to create a gorgeous and professional looking site, with easy drag and drop features. No really. You drag and drop just about everything! It is a user-friendly interface that is ideal for users who aren’t very tech-y and offers an easy set up and navigation. They offer domain names and the option to add your e-commerce shop. Seems magical right? But dearie, all magic comes with a price! They offer personal plans starting at $16/mo and business plans at $26/mo. Pricier than most, but really easy to use, all while having a professionally gorgeous site. They offer an array of templates that you can use and customize but you do feel limited, since you can’t upload any of your own themes.

*Ideal for users that want something a little more high-end, as well as easy to manage

These are my thoughts on the platforms I’ve personally dabbled with. I do know of others such as Blogger and Weebly, that I have not personally tried out. Feel free to check them out!

If starting your blog on your own still seems like a daunting task, there are companies, like Epikly, that offer to do it all. Yep. You read that right. They DO IT ALL. It’s like your perfect web one stop shop! From registering your domain, to setting up your hosting and online store, to personally designing your website/blog layout, to branding and logo work, to launching and SEO. This dynamic duo even offers training for their clients in using WordPress. They are dedicated to helping you launch your online presence, whether you’re just starting out or are already established, with a desire to grow. If this sounds like a more appealing option for you, visit their website, and send them a message!

I hope I have given you some more insight in how to get started on blogging, like yesterday! So read, leave some love, share, and get to blogging so I can read yours already!

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