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Why Start a Blog?

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Going on maternity leave seems like a good reason to start a blog right? Sure, why not? I’ll have so much extra time on my hands, while nesting and taking care of a two year old. Mmm, maybe not, BUT, I have wanted to start blogging (wholeheartedly) for some time now and so here I am. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and officially on maternity leave. I wish maternity leave could apply to toddlers too LOL, but I’ve got lots of thoughts and I’d like to share them. Welcome to Loving Lemons! Why am I loving lemons? Check out my 'About' page and you’ll see why. 

So, why start a blog? I’ve asked myself this question about a hundred times over, before I actually opened up Wordpress to get started. FIRST, I began jotting down some reasons for my big ‘why’.

It’s a creative outlet

If you consider yourself a creative or not, blogging serves as some sort of creative outlet to let your mind and thoughts run free, and to somehow make sense of them. Yes, I know it’s also possible in a notebook, good old pen and paper, but with a blog comes feedback, and with feedback comes connection! You can meet people in similar situations, and learn so many new things.

Penmanship aside, you become a better writer

You will find yourself questioning everything, googling new words; thus, your writing effortlessly improves with each new blog post! Don’t believe me? Try it. I’m not saying blog to become a better writer, but you just naturally get better and better as you go. Practice makes perfect right?

You’ll be committing to something

Yay! Look at you having responsibility and committing. It’s a healthy habit to practice (one that I need more of; so what if I forget my laundry in the washing machine? I’m a mom, okay?) but no, really, it teaches you discipline, (lol, say that to my last two failed attempts at blogging) okay no but really, really, it does require time, commitment and devotion, which are all good things to gravitate towards.

You will start to live with intention… “Ommmmm”

That’s my inner yogi coming out. Starting a blog means that you’ll constantly be thinking of new things to write about, and the way you think about things will change drastically. You’ll be more mindful of what you want to pay attention to and start filtering out the negatives.

You’ll be a sensation! Wait I mean inspiration

Well, who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? You’ll be a sensational inspiration! You never know who you can inspire. In a world filled with so much negativity, be a light, be an inspiration, all while writing to your heart’s content!

“Oh, this is a ‘Dear Diary’ moment!” – Chandler Bing

Okay, it’s not that serious. Let’s put away our pink fluffy pens and our fantasy-flower-secret-lock diaries. It’s your own personal journal that, in time, will serve as sweet memories and a personal growth that will be inevitable. I think looking back at your progress is generally good for self esteem and just simply appreciating how far you’ve come.

“Money, money, money, money… MONEY” (I know you sang that)

I wrote that word one, too many times, and now, I’m staring at the word ‘money’, wondering if I spelt it right. But yes, you could actually make some money (there I go staring again), blogging. Now, don’t start a blog with the intention of making insane money and gaining fame. That’s one way to get frustrated quickly. See it as an added bonus, being rewarded for doing something that you genuinely love.

After convincing myself with these why’s, I decided to go forth into the blogosphere and start my own. The hardest part? The NAME! But I’ll save that for my next blog post.

Hopefully this post can inspire you to get blogging too! If it’s still too intimidating, you can just come on here and read mine! I’ll do my best to keep you entertained. If it is something that resonates with you I’ve got two words for you, “Just start!” Don’t talk yourself out of it. “Do it!” (okay that’s four words, but it’s two separate sentences)

No, but seriously, don’t let fear prevent you from living your best life. I mean it.

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