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Yay, it’s finally the weekend, which means I get to sleep in! I’d say, “In my dreams!”, but I hardly even get to do that either. I’ll be up, growing my human, raising my tot along with my wifely and lifely duties, but also leaving you with a special little blog piece.

Today I’m going to share some insight to who I am. I do realize I could just post a selfie on Instagram with an essay caption (I actually do enough of those already), but this one seems more blog worthy.

I’m a wifey, and mama of soon-to-be two girls, (how is that even possible? Some days I still can’t believe I’m a mom). I juggle mom-hood, wifehood, career-hood, somewhat of a social life, along with doing things that genuinely feed my soul, it mainly includes food and photography, but mostly food. You’ll soon come to know how much of a foodie I am. Maybe I’ll share my favorite recipes with you on this blog someday.

I was born and raised in Suriname (by the way, no where near Vietnam), but lived most of grade schooler to teen years, in my neighboring country Guyana (also, no where near Africa). I am blessed to have parents who raised me with a love for travel and adventure, which might have something to do with my love for all foods. Living and being raised in both of these gem countries, has given me friendships for a lifetime, cultural depth, the ability to speak fluently in two languages (Dutch and English), as well as, a great appreciation for all cultures.

At the rebellious age of 19, I dropped out of college. I was mid-semester deep in my Communications and Journalism studies at the University of Guyana, and in search of something that was more satisfying to my oddball self. All my friends were in their Law and Science studies, and other colleagues in Business studies. I felt like the biggest disappointment. What on earth should I do now? I dabbled in a few parties, okay, maybe a lot of parties and some heartbreak here and there. My parents (thank God for them) allowed me to make my mistakes, while I was on my quest for what I felt was truly for me. As I soul searched, I took up my passion for photography, and began photographing for local magazines, ad agencies, and companies, along with a few events, and eventually a wedding! This wasn’t just any ordinary wedding. This was the wedding that set me on my venture to take on the world of photography, as a real and serious career, not just my next gig. It was my first wedding, which I happily captured for my friends. I was a nervous wreck during it all and felt like a headless chicken snapping away on auto mode. I laugh at myself now. Auto mode?! But my friends adored their photographs, and this wedding created a domino effect which landed me even more weddings. I felt pretty damn bad ass. But, I was often criticized by others, that I was so young, with no “true” experience. I got pissed. What’s a hot-headed 19 year old to do? This fueled my decision to pursue my photography career even more.

I eventually flew out of the family nest, quite literally. I moved to Florida, and attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, studying photography. Fast forward five years later (we’ll skip the booze, boys, and college partying for another time, sorry Dad), I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Photography. During it all, I fell in love foolishly and a lot, I made friends, I lost friends, I worked alongside some of the most talented people, I traveled, I made mistakes and I learned from them, eventually. I met a boy, who became the love of my life. I broke up with him, dated him again, broke up with him again, and eventually got back together with him again. It was a real Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big, “on again, off again” time. But we couldn’t stay apart for very long, or off of each other for that matter (sorry again Dad). We tied the knot quietly and intimately, then soon after, welcomed our first angel baby, Mila into this world. We’re now expecting our second angel baby!

My life has evolved so much since. It will continue to evolve. I know I’ve got many more challenges, hardships and all of life’s “oopsies” to encounter. But along with the “oopsies” come so many “yays”, “woot woots” and merry times. I’m proud of myself for human-ing it out this far and I will continue to enjoy the process of life, wherever it may take me.

I hope you enjoyed my whimsically, summarized life story. Tell me where you’re from, share an experience you and I have had, if we’ve had any!

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