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A Letter to My Girls

During my quiet moments, I’ve taken a lot of thought into becoming a mommy of two. I’m scared. Point. Blank. Thoughts of my new little coming into this world have only begun consuming my mind during these last few weeks. How will Mila react to this strange new presence? Well the only way I’ll know for sure, is when it happens. But for now I’m going to share a letter that I’ve written to both my girls.

Dear Mila,

My firstborn, my motivation, very soon you’ll be a big sister. I don’t know how you’ll react to another little taking the center stage, your center stage, but one thing I’m sure of, is that you’re going to be the best big sister a little sister could ever have asked for. You’ll no longer have mommy and daddy all to yourself, because you’ll learn to share the love with baby sister.

I know this won’t be easy for you, or I, but I know we’ll adjust in our own perfect way. My sweet angel, I love you more than words will ever make sense of. You have taught me more than all my years of schooling, and above all else, you’ve taught me to be a mother. You’ve made my heart feel so full, I’m surprised every time, that it's possible to feel even fuller.

I wanted to give you a little sibling, because of my own precious bond with mine. My wish came true that it was a little sister of your very own. I want you to have someone that will cheer you on, be mischievous with you, to teach you important lessons, to hide mommy’s shoes with, but ultimately, someone you can share all of your life secrets with, someone to be your first best friend, after me of course, but more or less on your level. Let’s be real, you two can vent over apple juice, mom needs the sangria.

Mila, thank you for letting me be your mommy, for allowing me my ‘mommy mistakes’ and for being patient with me, kinda. We’ve both got a long way to go kid, but we’ll be going there together.

So let’s welcome this new, crazy, sleepless chapter together, and cherish every cuddle, giggle and spitty kiss that your baby sister will bring.

Love you always,


Dear baby,

You’re kicking mommy’s butt. No really, it’s quite literal. But I do love feeling every kick and jab. Sweet baby, we’re going to be meeting you very soon, and I’m a hot mommy mess. My heart is being stretched, my body is probably as stretched as it will ever be, but all I can think of is meeting your precious little face. Your daddy is busy getting everything set up for your arrival, and your big sister is singing you sweet lullabies already. (The three that she has finally learnt to completion, you’ll learn to fall asleep to ABC’s, I know I have)

My little babe, I want you to know how loved you are already. You’ve got a mommy, a daddy, and a big sister, all waiting for you to be born. We’re a fun bunch. You’ll like it here with us. Your daddy is the bravest man I’ve ever met, and will go the distance for the well being of his family. You’ll feel protected in his arms, and he’ll never allow you to feel scared. Your big sister reads to you everyday and asks about you always. She will teach you the ways of life, and how to get away with things. She will challenge you and test your patience at times, but you’ll soon learn that that’s what sisters are for. They’re also really good for borrowing clothes.

The second time around, I feel somewhat more prepared, but all the while, still quite unprepared. How will I love two large chunks of my heart? How will we all react to this big change? What if I’ll secretly have a favorite? (of course neither of you will ever know haha), These thoughts are all terrifying, but I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen me as your mommy. I apologize in advance if your big sister may seem a bit upset now that you’ll be around, but she’ll adjust. Also, I’m sorry if she tries any mischievous things with you, she’s two. Don’t worry, in a few years you’ll get there, and you’ll understand.

I’m gearing myself up for all of the overwhelming feelings that you’ll undoubtedly bring, and I can’t promise that I won’t cry, because I know I will. I cannot wait to meet you.

Love you always,


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